Available now in the store is Tread Softly – For Those Who..

Debut mini album from Mihalis Santamas. Taking influence from industrial, shoegaze and post rock, Mihalis has developed a keen ear for crafting atmospheric and uplifting ambiance. From the sweet sounds of opener “Fields” , to the William Basinski esque decayed drone of “…and she waited by the sea” and the epic strings of “They Touched The Sky”, “For Those Who…” manages to be incredibly consistant, yet takes leaps and dives into various styles of ambient, almost pop like in places and greatly cinematic in others, but always highly emotional. Comes highly recomended for fans of Eluvium, Library Tapes and Jasper TX.

Only £4, bargin!

In other news, the pre-order for the re-release of Message to Bears – EP1 is now up!

First 20 pre-orders will recieve:

– FREE copy of Message to Bears/The Soul’s Release split
– FREE limited edition Message to Bears t shirt, designed and printed by Seth of Quilt Design & Print (Romance of Young Tigers)
– Message to Bears Stickers and Badges
– The Soul’s Release Stickers and Badges

After the first 20, all other pre-orders will ship with:

– Message to Bears Stickers and Badges

Pre-orders will be shipping as soon as possible! Official release for both the EP1 re-release and the split with The Soul’s Release is late August. SORRY FOR ALL THE DELAYS ON BOTH OF THESE!!

Also, due in the store soon are some great distro items from 2 amazing labels, small doses and basses frequences!

Thank you all for your continued interest.


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