Distro items now in the store!

The first distro items are now in the Dead Pilot store ready for purchase, go check it out! They are some fine releases from some great labels which you should definitely keep an eye on. Best of the bunch comes courtesy of Basses Frequences; Creature – Creature, where French noise artist douleurfantome offers up 5 tracks of epic sad soundscapes and guitar noise. One of my favourite releases of this year without a doubt. Only 2 copies and sold out at source.

EDIT: Creature has sold out already! Thank you, I hope you enjoy the album as much as I do. It’s a real gem.

Alittle update on the Message to Bears EP1 re-release; unfortunately more delays due to the printers printing the artwork WRONG. I am so sorry about this, I hope you don’t mind waiting abit longer for this amazing EP.

Due out soon:

Sabazius – The Goat 3″CDr. Awesome doom metal, heavy and intense.


Currently soundtracking my evenings is the new Matthew Robert Cooper LP and Mount Eerie LPs. Check them out.

That’s all for now, check back soon!



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