Free Ekca Liena track, Message to Bears EP1 news and The Doom Riot review

Firstly, here’s a message and a free track from Ekca Liena:

“In anticipation of the release of ‘Slow Music For Rapid Eye Movement’ release this month, here is a free track for you to download and hopefully enjoy.

Ekca Liena – ‘Cove’

It was on an early draft of the album but I took it off because it is actually quite happy and serene, which sticks out a bit from the rest of the music on there, and from the vast majority of the music I make really.

Feel free to spread this around, do what you want with it, and any feedback will be appreciated…

‘Slow Music For Rapid Eye Movement’ is almost ready to be released, with just a few packaging related things to sort out. Special versions will come with the previously unreleased ‘Post Altitude’ EP… so be quick to get that as well.

Thank you.

— Ekca Lina”

It seems the Message to Bears EP1 re-release is tainted with bad luck. Firstly the printers printed the artwork wrong and now the second batch of packaging I sent him to reprint has gone walk abouts and is nowhere to be found. So mega apologies for that as it could be another 3-4 weeks before that is sorted.

The Doom Riot – Slow Estate Dreams has been reviewed by The Silent Ballet!

Claus Haxholm is one of those multi-talented electronic musicians who has more aliases than the number of artists on an average independent record label. When he makes music under the moniker The Doom Riot, he delivers a smooth kind of drone that stretches slowly over long tracks. Dominated by the likes of Sunn O))) and its mastermind Stephen O’Malley, the genre has been losing momentum for a few years as originality is harder to come by. Then again, how is one supposed to sound original when faced with the minimalist, stagnant nature of drone music? Slow Estate Dreams might be the beginning of an answer to that question.”

Claus also has a load of new releases due out soon, I’m going to be trying to get ahold of as many of them as I can for the distro so keep your eyes peeled if you’re a fan!

And lastly, here’s a quick list of things that are on the way/planned/rumored/in the works/unconfirmed to wet some appetites:

timothy c holehouse – the howls at midnight
operations – you & atomic warfare
sabazius – the goat
the pistil cosmos – for trees
eyeballs – the roof of the world
dead wood/phantom heron seas – split
duncan harrison – four years ago, we stood in the same room
second compilation (drone poets, tbc) cdr.
plurals – tbc
nephila – tbc
cam deas – new ep + t shirt
hourglass drops – ep or split
beggin’ your pardon miss joan – new ep or full length
romanc of young tigers split




One response to “Free Ekca Liena track, Message to Bears EP1 news and The Doom Riot review

  1. Wow. That rumoured list looks fantastic. Surprised at the beggin’ your pardon miss joan though; I thought they’d decided to take a break for a bit? And never mind on the Message To Bears, still beating students of decay for sending me anything :S.

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