I never know what to put in this title bit!

I have finally finished sending out ALL of the Message to Bears pre-orders. The lucky 20 who got the free t shirt and free copy of the split should all have them by now, while the rest are probably sitting about in a sorting office somewhere or in mid air being flown around the world. Therefore, EP1 and the split with be up available to order in a day or so, I’m just listening through to a bunch of new distro items which I need to add to the store too! Also; for those of you who weren’t in the lucky 20 for the MtB pre-order, I have around 7 t shirts left which will go on sale soon too!

The Goat by Sabazius has been reviewed in german:


If you let google translate it; it’s kind of amusing! They have given it a top review though, so if I didn;t convince you, maybe that will! It’s selling fast so act quick!

The first 20 editions of Slow Music by Ekca Liena sold out really quickly, thank you so much! If you missed out, you’l be pleased to hear that Ekca will be making the bonus 3″ disc available to download in the not too distant future.

I have finally placed the order for the Dead Pilot t shirts! There is only 50 being printed and I expect them to go pretty quickly. They are white with the paperplane design in black on them. Perfect winter wear.

The next few releases are under way; The Pistil Cosmos – For Trees, Cam Deas – 3″ & t shirt combo, Dead Wood/Phantom Heron Seas Split and Eyeballs – The Roof of the World. And as usual there are plenty of other things in the works, planned, rumoured etc…

Thank you. x


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