EP1 and Split OUT NOW!

Message to Bears – EP1 is now available for purchase!

“Message to Bears is the alias of Oxford based ambient folker Jerome Alexander. EP1 was originally self released by Jerome back in 2007, but it quickly sold out as it’s popularity spread. After appearing on the very first Dead Pilot release, I knew I wanted to work with Jerome further, so a re-release of EP1 was the perfect option to go for. Describing Jeromes music as ambient folk is only scratching the surface as so many influences can be heard in every aspect of his music. The only way I feel I can get close to giving you any idea of the sound of Message to Bears is to ask you to imagine Explosions in the Sky on acoustic guitars being led by Max Richter, playing your favourite song, on a hill top under the shadow of a tree, on a perfect summer evening. It’s uplifting, nostaligc, hopefull, calm and it lives in you.”

And so is the Split with The Soul’s Release!

The second entry into the Dead Pilot Split Series sees a meeting of Oxford based ambient folker Message to Bears and The Soul’s Release from Northern California. Begining with the Message to Bears half of the split, we are treated to warm and gentle acoustic loops amidst subtle reverbs and layers of violins and other instruments and samples. The Soul’s Release leans more towards post rock with uplifting chord progressions, pianos and the oft whispered vocal line. An amazing split which shows two up coming artists close to perfection.”

Also, the last few of the limited edition Message to Bears t shirts are available now too! There are only a small amount left so if you missed out, hurry!

I haven’t had a chance to listen to the new distro items so I haven’t added them yet, but I will do soon, I promise!

Thanks xxxx


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