Free Altitude?

A message from Ekca Liena:

http://www. zshare. net/download/50599027e1a4e1d7

This came with special editions of ‘Slow Music For Rapid Eye Movement’, but I have decided to let those that missed it download it for free – these are wave files to do what you want with.

Ekca Liena – ‘Post Altitude’ EP

Post Altitude (Other Version)
Slow Waves


4 responses to “Free Altitude?

  1. Excellent! I managed to get one of the EPs but I wish more ultra limited releases were treated this way. Making out of print music like this obtainable officially should be applauded.

  2. The link expired. 😦
    Im sooo interested in this ep.

  3. indeed! any chance of a reup?
    highly appreciated!!!


  4. Could anyone please repost these?

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