november 2


Message to Bears – EP1 and the split with The Soul’s Release have both SOLD OUT! Thank you all so much for your support for these great artists! Remember, you can still get the exclusive and highly limited, never to be printed again, ultra special Message to Bears t shirt printed by Seth from the excellent band Romance of Young Tigers from the store too!

Speaking of t shirts, I finally have the paper plane t shirts ready for purchase! They are ace! Lovely and minimal. I dig them! Only 50, in various sizes (including girls!). The perfect Xmas pressie? I think so!

Speaking of t shirts AGAIN, there’s also a brand new Cam Deas t shirt in store, designed by TGK (art for Cam’s Blackest Rainbow releases.) It comes with a FREE BONUS 3 INCH DISC of minature pieces of guitar/electronic experimentation.

There’s also 3 other new releases available now, all limited to 50. What a nice number 50 is.

The Pistil Cosmos – For Trees
Eyeballs – The Roof of The World
Dead Wood/Phantom Heron Seas – Split

All of which I am very proud to be releasing, and hope you enjoy!

Hopfully out before the end of the year:

dead011 – timothy c holehouse – to the howls at midnight

dead018 – jasper tx – untitled nr. 7

dead021 – fordell research unit – year zero

dpss04 – stefan kushima/joey chainsaw – split

dpss05 – wereju/hourglass drops – split

There’s a couple of ace new distro items in too, including a brand new double CDr from The Doom Riot!

Thank you.



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