Last releases of the year/Merry Christmas/A look forward to 09

So, the final releases of the year are here from Fordell Research Unit and Stefan Kushima/Joey Chainsaw.

I first discovered Fordell Research Unit through Dead Sea Liner; with the “Real Men Drink Horse Milk” CDr. I was completely blown away by his intense noise, warm drones and glitchy electronics and I hunted out as much material by him as I could, as well as getting in contact with him to tell him how much I was enjoying it all. Then a demo was sent and this new Dead Pilot release was born. At only alittle over 25 minutes, Year Zero still manages to bring together lots of ideas and sounds; begining with the warm atmosphere of “Against the world, against life” which subtly grows over its 12 minute duration, feeling like the walls are caving in around you. Then there is the shortest track on the EP “Droowne” which is a glitchy electronic freak-out, sounding like thousands of dying flying insects. “For Kay Parker” flows gently in with a soothing wall of lush drone noise. And finally the final track entitled “Harm (for Harm)” is a layered organ drone piece which brings this excellent ep to a beautifully hypnotic ending. An amazingly crafted piece of work. Recommend.

Limited to 75 copies, housed in shimmering black/blue card with textured paper insert.


Entry number 4 in the split series sees the pairing of 2 great young talents in the noise/underground scene. Stefan Kushima, hailing from Linz/Berlin and Joey Chainsaw, who is from all over the UK. Kushima, known for his releases on Blackest Rainbow and his own label Disappearance opens the split with a 14 minute epic. Beginning with an outburst of wailing guitars, sounding like a sort of satanic cry from the depths of hell, the piece gradually picks up pace with subtle percussion and layers of synth drones, swells and sweeps. When it gets in full motion, more howls and cries dance and echo above the noise. A full on bleak assault. Joey begins the second half of the split with high pitched electronic synth gargles and guitar moans n’ groans before taking us into more warm drone territory. The final track combines the above two with haunting broken vocals and organs/synths, all pushed to the red creating a twisted and eerie wall of ghostly noise.

Limited to 84, on 2x 3″ discs, held in various types of vellum paper (some patterned, some pastel shades), tucked inside folded card, housed in a plastic wallet. Artwork by Stefan and Joey.


As said previously, the last chance to receive your order this year will be to order on/by Friday the 19th of December. All orders placed after this date will most likely not be sent until after christmas or possibly not untill the new year.

So, 2008 is over and 2009 is about to begin. I have to thank each and every single one of you who has supported/helped/shown interest in and contacted me during this year and of course all of the great artists/musicians and bands who have contributed music to the label. It’s been a great year and I hope to follow it up with great things.

The first releases of next year will be from Jasper TX, 1877, Hourglass Drops/Wereju, Timothy C Holehouse and Operations. Also planned for next year is the debut full length album from Message to Bears and a nice surpise for all Ekca Liena fans, as well as more t shirts and the Drone Poets compilation. It’s going to be a busy year!

Thanks, and merry christmas to you all!


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