bring on the trumpets

Hello and welcome to the first update of 2009. It’s abit late, but happy new year everyone.

First things first I’ve had a shift about with the website again. It’s abit cleaner and simpler. Hopefully you all agree. I’m constantly looking at the site and thinking how it could be better, but in reality, it’s not so important. I imagine it will stay as is for quite some time now, unless any one finds it highly objectionable.

There are a handful of new distro items in store. If you poke about you’ll find them. Some distro items are on sale at much lower prices now as well. Speaking of low prices, you can now buy Lahto’s “Shadows of What We Were” album and The Doom Riot’s “Slow Estate Dreams” album together for the special price of just £9.50! So if you missed out on these two exceptional albums, now is your chance to grab them both cheaply, in these times of credt crunchings and all that malarky.

So, what’s in store for Dead Pilot in 2009? Well lots of things are planned and in the works and not all are finalized yet so I can’t give you too much detail but here’s what’s up next in terms of releases:

Hourglass Drops/Wereju – Split (ltd. 40)
Jasper TX – Untitled Nr. 7 3″ (ltd. 110)
1877 – I am an Antagonist (ltd. 90)
Timothy C Holehouse – …To The Howls at Midnight (ltd. 100)
Douleurfantome – Part 1.5 (ltd. 95)

And hopefully this year will see the second Dead Pilot compilation album release:

Drone Poets (featuring Brian Grainger, Jasper TX, Apalusa and more) (ltd. 250)

Thanks for reading and for the continued interest! Look for more items and a few special announcements very soon!



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