we have no future

“Serious, strong stuff on 1877’s debut release. Antagonist begins with electronic percussion and keyboards before the guitars come in backing submerged Curtis inflected vocals. Cold and powerfully arranged the instruments mesh and splinter menacingly. B side Narcolepsy is, if possible, even more intense. Guitar and Bass drive relentlessly reminding the reviewer of Sumner and Hook on Interzone. True to its title, the track carries a bleak Burroughsian menace which has gone unheard in music for far too long. Chris Stanley in The-Mag wrote, “They carry a genuine menace and intensity”. I can only, totally, wholeheartedly agree. Excellent!” http://www.thenewroxette.com/reviews.asp “Like a Joy Division-Kraftwerk test tube baby, 1877 rebirths eighties melancholy in a clean, disruptive package. Released through dead pilot records, the namesake single, ‘I am an Antagonist’ fuses hollow vocals drilling lyrics “no future…we have” with brilliant crisp electronics and fading guitar. Yet ironically, B-side “Narcolepsy” wakes 1877 into their own, away from the shadow of their musical ancestors. 1877 paces the prolonging bass and rapid percussion with synthetic grace; their gloomy mediation of waking up “every day” rekindles our tangs for irresponsible adolescence. – Gemma Dempster ” http://www.supersweet.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=981&Itemid=27&PHPSESSID=e8d380b6aa47ba362745feebf8e19819 The single is out next month, limited to 100 copies!


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