Jasper TX most popular single on Norman!

Jasper TX – Untitled Nr. 7 is the most popular single this week at Norman records!


Here’s what they had to say about the single:

“…this is like a sister release to the excellent ‘Singing Stones’ CD on Fang Bomb. Dont be fooled into thinking you’ve been sold a dud when you dont hear any audio for almost 2 minutes as there is a silence that clears the airwaves and washes aside all that you’ve been to listening before it to prepare you for the piece on its own terms. Then Dag Rosenquist slowly and skillfully builds a throbbing hum of ambient drone that slowly morphs and rumbles, gently building into a rumbling low end oscillation. It’s a fine example of subtlety of transformation and a damn fine minimal piece. Gradually details are revealed and I’m thoroughly enjoying the way this track devolops over its 20 minute duration.”


Also; just a quick note to say those who have ordered the new Dead Pilot sampler, they will be ready next week, thanks!


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