Timothy C. Holehouse

Dead Pilot is proud to present:

Timothy C. Holehouse – To The Howls At Midnight

Tim Holehouse is quite a legend, if you haven’t heard of him by now you really ought to be ashamed of yourself. He has spent many years touring and releasing alt country/folk records under the name “Tim Holehouse” but has recently split himself in two. Now Tim presents his other half “Timothy C. Holehouse” where he finds himself exploring darker areas of his musical mind.

“To The Howls At Midnight” is the first full length album from this new side and is a sister album to the Tim Holehouse record “From The Dawn Chorus” (which is out on beautiful “orange” vinyl and can be bought directly from the man himself I believe: http://www.myspace.com/timothycholehouse). Recorded over the new years period of 2007-2008, this is an intensely eerie and minimal album of deep and warm melodies and drone. Bent guitar swells and subtle drones layered over broken drum beats. I can’t think of anything that sounds remotely like what Tim is doing at the moment so do yourself a favor and give this a listen.

Packaged in windowed digipak with beautiful artwork and printing by Joey at Vision Incision. Limited to 100 copies.”


Available now!


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