Douleurfantome OUT NOW plus other news

Douleurfantomes’ epic “Part 1.5” disc is available now in the store!

Douleurfantome, aka Creature, is Vincent Vigier. A one man guitar manipulator, thrasher, noiser, droner, genius. People who have been following the store for some time now will know that Vincent’s album under the Creature alias was one of my favourite listening experiences in a long time. After exchanging a few emails and doing a few trades, Vincent started sending me demos of a few tracks he was working on and the result is this release; Part 1.5. Two tracks totaling at 22 minutes.

The first track entitled “50Moloch” is a slow builder of dread filled static that erupts with fierce and intense walls of screaming guitars. It’s like a tangled radio broadcast from a war torn future, ending with mournful yet harsh and crusty guitar clatters.

The second and final track entitled “55Leviathan” is a bleak dirge through melancholic noise explosions and celestial textures. There is an underlining sadness to be heard through the layers of fuzz and sludge that is touching and unique.

Packaged in card windowed digipak with art by Vincent. Limited to 100 copies.

Buy it:

Stream it:

Also, the Drone Poets compilation is now available to pre order. I’m very excited about this as I’ve managed to get together a fantastic set of artists and they’ve given me some amazing music to use on the comp. Full tracklisting and info is here:

Also, an update on the progress of Message to Bears – Departures. Apologies for the delays. I am awaiting the final parts of the packaging (stickers and stamp) and then I will be able to start assembling them and sending out the pre orders. Whilst I’m, here, I should add that Jerome is playing his first live gig with Message to Bears. Fingers crossed the album will be ready in time and I will be there to sell it!

More info:

Finally, lots of releases planned for this year. Including some pretty epic big wowzer ones. More info soon.

Thanks xxxxxxxx


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    I love you.

  2. Beautiful.

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