Message to Bears – Departures Pre Orders now shipping



Full length CD album from Jerome aka Message to Bears, Oxfords premiere ambient folker. Here he brings us 10 tracks of his gorgeous acoustic guitar driven melancholy, begining with the the aptly titled “Running Through Woodland”, the track sets a menacing pace with layers of guitars and cellos. “Hidden Beneath” is driven by a stomping pulse and delightful percussion. Plenty of glock action and viola sweeps, uplifting choral vocals and delicate piano lines, this is Jerome at his finest yet, showcasing a brilliant melodic ability, combing classical instrumentation into a folk/pop structure taking cues from bands such as Explosions in the Sky. This is an album that will leave you speechless every time you listen as you uncover new hidden details, textures and melodies. I couldn’t be prouder to release this.

500 copies on PRO REPLICATED CD (not CDR) housed in an arigato pak, with insert. Hand numbered, each with an individual old photography and all wrapped in brown paper, hand stamped and tied with string, which perfectly compliments the music.

Thanks for your patience. xxxxxx


One response to “Message to Bears – Departures Pre Orders now shipping

  1. well, we may have had to wait a few extra weeks for the release but the artwork & packaging looks absolutely fantastic.

    congrats to all involved and i wish the label and Jerome continued success x

    *eagerly awaits his copy in the mail*

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