Holy update Batman!


Lots of things to say today…

Firstly, thanks so much to everyone who pre-ordered/has ordered the Message to Bears album Departures. The response has been great so far and it’s selling really well, so thank you. It’s even got a review in Mixmag!

It is now available exclusively in Japan from Duotone mail order. Check out their site and slap it into Google to translate it, it’s much more amusing than you’d think. Bon apetit!


I’ll be sending a load of copies over to Norman records as soon as I can as well, really looking forward to hearing their thoughts on the record.

For anyone who doesn’t check the store regularly, there is (and has been for a while now) a small sale going on.

The Doom Riot – Slow Estate Dreams is now only £5.20 (was £6.50)

Dead Pilot Records T Shirt is now only £6.50 (was £7.50)

Message to Bears Limited Edition T Shirt designed by Seth from ROYT is now only £6.50 (was £7.50) and there is only one left in small so be quick!

Cam Deas T Shirt and free 3″ CDr is now only £6.50 (was £7.50)

Plus a bunch of distro items are now very cheap include some Reverb Worship and BF goodies.

Speaking of the distro, I’ve finally added some really awesome new items. A new album from Constellations, Nicholis Szczepaniks album “The Chaismus” and a self released Plurals disc. Good times!

The Drone Poets comp has been up for pre-order for a while now, but incase you didn’t know, here it is:


It’s up for the special price of just £7.20 (for 2 CDrs with over 2 hours of music on!). The regular price will be £8.50.

The cover text is by the amazing Royal Train aka Oscar Jacobsson and the insert artwork by the incredible Stefan Kushima. Both have tracks featuring on the comp. You can listen to clips from a few tracks on the Dead Pilot myspace music player thingy. Check it out:


On the player, you can also hear a track from the upcoming album by Cylon entitled Resonanz. Hopefully that will be out in a couple of weeks time. It will be limited to 250 copies in a hand stamped 4 panel recycled card digipak. Lovely.

Check out Cylons myspace page for more info/samples:


Here’s the big epic news about other releases coming this year/early next year:

Cylon – Resonanz (as mentioned above), CDr limited to 250 copies in hand stamped 4 panel recycled card digipaks.

Ekca Liena – Sleep Paralysis, CDr limited to 250 in windowed digipak with artwork by Ekca.

Stray Ghost – An Avalanche of Swollen Tongues, CD limited to 500 copies. Packaging and artwork to be confirmed.

Ekca Liena – Slow Music For Rapid Eye Movement, re-release on CD!!! 500 copies. Packaging and artwork to be confirmed.

Winter In Montreal – Motion Sick and Speechless, CDr

Pete Fosco – Crescent Avenue, CDr

Wereju – An Anniversary of Sorts, CDr.

Expo’ 70 – tbc

Brian Grainger – tbc

The next contributions to the split series will be:

Archers By The Sea/Pine Smoke Lodge, CDr 100 copies

Plurals/Tuluum Shimmering, CDr copies tbc.

Expect to see some pre-orders/hear samples/see photos of some of them VERY SOON.

Thanks for reading.



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