An Avalanche of Swollen Tongues

Anthony Saggers aka Stray Ghost was one of those random Myspace finds for me, back when I was first starting up Dead Pilot. I was immediately impressed with his claustrophobic Hecker style drones and contacted him promptly about the label. We had planned a split record between him and another ambient artist I had been in contact with. This, however, never saw the light of day but instead Ant gave me a 2 track disc entitled “Fabula/Sjuzhet”, which featured 2 tracks of fierce and dark textured ambience. I loved it, but was itching for more. Ant was working on various other projects for other labels around the time, but the wait was worth it.

When Ant first hinted at what this album may be like, I was overwhelmed with his ambition. The early demo I heard was staggering. When Ant uploaded a rough version of the full album, I was blown away.

“An Avalanche of Swollen Tongues” opens with the 23 minute long title track of kaleidoscopic spectral ambiance. Swells of celestial tones reach back and forth around your mind, surrounding your sense in a warm glow. The glorious “Grains and Waves” follows. An outstanding piece of melodic genius; euphoric and intense and filled with overwhelming emotion. At around the 5 and a half minute mark in this track, your hairs will stand on end and you will be lifted out of your body and mind, transcending into pure bliss.

Ant has channeled some deep emotions into his work on this album. It’s intensity, along with it’s fragility, evokes otherworldly imagery and feelings. “Sunday’s Tape Hiss” sounds like the exploration of wreckage’s and ruins; finding small hints of what was once there. Ghostly, dark and deeply catastrophic.

Released on PRO REPLICATED CD (NOT CDr), limited to 500 copies, packaged in 4 panel brown recycled card digipak.


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