New Ekca Liena Album Out Now! Plus Seabuckthorn!

The brand new Ekca Liena full length “Sleep Paralysis” is now available for purchase!

“Dan Mackenzie aka Ekca Liena’s debut album “Slow Music For Rapid Eye Movement” was described as “music that may alter your perception of the word epic”, “with more warmth, depth and soul” than had been heard in a long time. Almost a year later, Dan presents us with the follow up album entitled; “Sleep Paralysis”.

The album begins with “Sleep”, a ghostly and tension building introduction, with long sustained organ tones and subtle guitar riffs. Crumbling low end kicks in followed by eerie fuzz and static as the second track begins. Waves and swells of textured synths are the prelude to an epic chorus of screaming drones. The mood of the album really sets in place by track 3, entitled “Heavy Weather”, a near 14 minute mash of blissful guitar noise and pulsating electronic beats. The depth of detail in this track is incredible and has to be heard through the finest of speakers or headphones to be fully appreciated. The track “Sulk” is a rare acoustic track from Ekca, bringing an organic or ‘human’ edge to this other wise otherworldly and celestial album. It also acts as a breather between the huge and intense music Ekca has created here. Although that is not to say the track is of any less importance at all.

This album represents Ekca Liena’s sound polished and honed to perfection, as well as a tonne of new ideas fully realized. It’s dark and heavy as well as uplifting and emotional. As the album is book ended by the magnificent “Paralysis” you will want to pick your jaw up off the ground and listen again, just to be sure that the sounds you have just heard are truly real.

Limited to 250 copies for the world. Black bottomed CDr housed in standard Dead Pilot windowed sleeve. All artwork and layout by Dan Mackenzie.”

Also out now is the new album from Seabuckthorn! A new name to Dead Pilot and a new sound too. Acoustic ragas meet eerie electronics.

Seabuckthorn is the instrumental project of Andy Cartwright, mainly focusing on acoustic guitar ragas and ambient electronics.

“Distant Summer Storm” begins with “Galloping into Thin Air”. A fantastic opener, throwing you right into the thick of things with a thumping beat and chaotic guitars. As the album develops further there is a real feeling of deep un-ease and anxiety. The subtle electronics, ehoeing whispers and warm drones melding with the psychedelic acoustic guitars create a real trippy sense of unsettling darkness.

Andy’s music was once described as the “meeting point between Bert Jansch and Boards of Canada” and I can totally hear that on this album.

Limited to 150 copies in full colour card wallet inside a plastic wallet.”

Clips are on the myspace player! Full streams will be on soon!

Couple of distro items will be added shortly too!


PS. Anyone who has ordered Message to Bears – Departures in the past week or so, I am unfortunately way behind in assembling the packaging for them, so please bare with me. Hopefully the wait shouldn’t be any longer than 2 weeks, as I am awaiting more Arigato paks to arrive from the USA. Thanks for your patience. Please email me if you have any concerns. xxx


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