Norman reviews of Ekca Liena, Cylon and Seabuckthorn!

“This record left our Phil feeling ecstatic.

I can never spell Ekca Liena right. I always spell one of the words wrong and then I have to go and correct myself. There’s only nine characters in there as well so it’s not hard. The urge to put the C before the K is strong….The last Ekca CD blew my face off and we gave it album of the week… We sold out in a day!! Here is his proper follow up album called Sleep Paralysis on the Dead Pilot label. The album lulls you into a false sense of security with the opener being a warm floaty drone track sucking you into it’s niceness before track two (‘Ceiling Ghosts’) comes in with some dark droney forboding pulsing fuzz which will have you caked in fecal fun. It’s intense stuff alright. the production is amazing and it becomes completely clear on ‘Heavy Weather’ where some backwards guitar intertwines with some melodic electronics to stunning effect. Later in the track some thunderously loud drums come in and it’s starting to remind me a of track from Boards of Canada’s Geogaddi. That is until the walls of guitars which have slowly built up hit you in the face like a hammer shapped fist. The whole album has a dark feel to it…. like there’s some evil presence hanging around. I think fans of Sunn O))), Utech etc will like this as there’s a metal influence in there lurking ‘n all. It’s a damned special album! Comes in a diecut cardboard gatefold sleeve limited to 250 copies! CD only!!”

This record left our Ant feeling happy.

There is a whole ton of dreamy drifty ambient type gear in this week. We’re literally drowning it… Hey there’s some good stuff though…. Cyclon is Jannick Schou and his ‘Resonanz’ album for Dead Pilot will have you floating away in no time. It’s basically some really subtle, ultra chilled ambient gear to get lost in. It’s quality stuff and the way it gradually evolves is real nice. Limited to 250 copies in stamped hand numbered sleeve.

This record left our Phil feeling ecstatic.

Dead Pilot really has come into its own lately with almost every release on the label being super good. I just plucked the Seabuckthorn out of the review pile mainly cos I liked the name. The opener is a stunning track where you’re thrown into a dark jangly folk inspired romp with pounding drums that sound like someone is beating on your head…..Then some wierd Plaid-ish fuzzy electronics kick in and then it turns into an acoustic guitar raga. It’s an incredible piece of music which ducks and dives and does things you wouldn’t expect. That’s just the first track as well! It’s quite cinematic in its approach and the rest of the album follows a similar suit. The percussion that’s on the albm is nice and loud in the mix which is something I’m a fan of. The tracks veer from solo acoustic guitar workouts to weird electronic folk in the blink of an eye. Somersaault of Thought is an amazing tune which is very Fahey-esque and if you’ve been digging the recent folks like Cam Deas and Spoono doing such things then you’ll enjoy this. ‘Distant Summer Storm’ is a cracking album which comes with my total recommendation yah. Well good!!

Huge thanks to Phil and the team at Norman records!


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