Pins and Needles

Semi alldayer of folk, improv, drone and noise. There will be a Dead Pilot merch stall, where all passers by get a free sampler CDr, of which the tracklisting is as follows:

1. Message to Bears – At The Top Of This Hill (Departures)
2. Winter in Montreal – V (Motion Sick and Speechless)
3. Stray Ghost – Grains & Waves (An Avalanche of Swollen Tongues)
4. Cylon – resonanz IV (resonanz)
5. Wereju – Remembering (An Anniversary of Sorts)
6. 1877 – Narcolepsy (I Am An Antagonist)
7. Seabuckthorn – Violet Sky (Distant Summer Storm)
8. Ekca Liena – June 4101 (Sleep Paralysis)
9. Pete Fosco – Western Ave. II (Crescent Avenue)
10. Nicholas Szczepanik – Underwater Landslide (Drone Poets Compilation)
11. Douleurfantome – 50MOLOCH (Part 1.5)

Hope to see you there.



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