our last september night of 2009

So, as we say goodbye to the month of September and hello to the month of October, I’d like to bring a few things to your attention(s).

First off:

Stray Ghost’s fantastic full length “An Avalanche of Swollen Tongues” released a few weeks has had a bloody fantastic review by our friends at Sonic Reverie.

“There are strains of the Japanese aesthetic Wabi Sabi throughout Stray Ghost’s music, the fact that we cannot quite hear what is buried below the synthetic drones and static makes it seem all the more appealing in it’s imperfection. We are forced to press our ears to the speakers and listen closely to catch scintillating frames of the beauty which is buried beneath the kind of harsh protrusion of external noise which invades our hearts and minds on a daily basis.”

Read the full review:


Secondly (and whilst on the subject of “…Swollen Tongues”:

You can now purchase the limited, hand numbered, tied with string and with bonus disc version of the album on it’s own WITHOUT a t shirt. So, those of you who like to listen to music topless, but still want the limited edition special-ness and bonus disc, can now purchase it on it’s own!


For all the Stray Ghost purchasing options!


New distro items have been added from the lovely Hibernate records and my favs Small Doses. Check out the distro section for these gems (limted copies of everything!):



With the nights drawing in and such (and the amount of amazing and larger scale releases planned over the next few months) I’ve decided to do a bit of a sale to shift the last few copies of some releases and make way for all the lovely new ones.


Some stuff is down to just ONE COPY so if anything does take your fancy, get on it or be disappointed!

Also, during this sale time, if you order 3 (THREE) or more items (releases, distro items, sale items, t shirts ANYTHING!), you can use a special discount code: OCT10 for an extra 10% off. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS ONLY TO BE USED ON ORDERS OF 3 (THREE) OR MORE ITEMS, NO LESS. ANY ORDERS NOT FOLLOWING THESE INSTRUCTIONS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED AND YOU WILL LOSE OUT. SORRY.

Okay, that wasn’t quite last;  final things:

Regarding the re-release of Ekca Liena’s Slow Music; please join the mailing list (on the home/start page) to be kept up to date on when this will be out. Joining the Facebook group and following the Twitter page wouldn’t help either. This way you will be notified of all goings on.

A few new places will be stocking Dead Pilot releases! More info shortly. Mega thanks to those guys for stocking us!

Out next week: Pete Fosco – Crescent Avenue (ltd. 1oo), Archers by the Sea/Pine Smoke Lodge – Split (ltd. 80) and Eyeballs – The Roof of the World re-issue (ltd. 40)

Finally, thanks to everyone for your continued interest and support. Keep it up and keep physical music and the DIY ethic alive!


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