3 new releases for the first week of october!

First up is the long awaited full length from Operations!


Operations is Chris Anderson. You may remember him from the second Dead Pilot release “Knights Move!”. Well, that was some time ago and this album has been in the works ever since, but it finally sees the light of day.

Inspired by the nuclear tests undertaken by western nations in the 1950s, this album is a deep, harrowing and affecting listen. Radio static drops in and out of dusty piano loops and delicate guitar passages over layers of feedback drenched drones. It’s highly textured yet very minimal and benefits from headphones immensely. The sound Chris has created here is very immersive and really captures your imagination; with it’s barely there instrumentation and distant noises, you will find your self discovering new sounds on each listen. The 22 minute epic “Dominic II” is one of the spookiest tracks I’ve heard in a long time. If you can imagine Godspeed and Machinefabriek soundtracking an obscure black & white horror film, I think it would sound somewhat like this. The tension created is fascinating.

Limited to 99 copies in hand stamped and hand numbered windowed digipaks, tied with string.
Second up is a new disc by the brilliant Pete Fosco!


Pete Fosco comes to Dead Pilot after releases on Reverb Worship and the fantastic Digitalis Limited cassette range.

Crescent Avenue is made up of 2 tracks. Western Ave. I and Western Ave. II. Western Ave. I is a 32 minute dirge through volcanic rumbling tones, with semi-psychedelic licks and swells and delicate melodic passages floating in and out of the clouds. It’s quite dense and heavy in places but it never gets too bleak; there is always a nagging hopeful airy-ness throughout the piece. Western Ave. II is eerie and dark, with twisted riffs and distorted memories fighting to break free; and when they finally do, it’s chaotic but engaging and brilliant. As the track dies out, you can’t help but feel moved in a peculiar way.

Limited to 100 copies, hand stamped in new card digipaks with 4 circular holes hinting at the artwork.

Lastly is entry number 6 in the split series, from Archers by the Sea and Pine Smoke Lodge


Number 6 in the Spilt Series sees Archers by The Sea (Vicent, previously known as The Pistil Cosmos and “V”) from France paired up with mysterious US outfit Pine Smoke Lodge.

Archers by the Sea offers up a mind blowing 32 minute track of euphoric drones and sun drenched melodies. This track is simply stunning, probably one of the best I’ve heard from Vincent. It’s kaleidoscopic, intense and uplifting. Flaming synths gush and warble above cascading textures. It’s like a journey through space at a million miles an hour. Ending with a playful psychedelic guitar passage, that seems like a dream. F**king fantastic.

Pine Smoke Lodge bring us 3 tracks of weirdo-ritualistic forest drone. Foggy tribal rhythms and lone cries of witch craft play over hazey drones and doomy textures. Like wandering through unknown lands late at night. It’s ghostly and very strange. A brilliant counterpart to Archers by the Sea.

Limited to 80 copies, in standard windowed sleeve.

Don’t forget, for the month of October, if you order 3 or more items from the store, you can use the discount code OCT10 for 10% off!!

Thank you xxx

*please note as I am currently quite ill there may well be a delay in sending out orders, so please bare with me, thank you.*


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