some mid october news bits

The Stray Ghost special editions have now sold out! Although, you may be able to grab copies from the following places:

That brings me neatly onto the next point; Home Normal and Databloem are now stocking Dead Pilot releases! Check the link above for Dead Pilot on Home Normal and the link below for Dead Pilot on Databloem!

Many thanks to Ian/Ben from Home Normal and Dennis at Databloem. I’m working on getting a few more stockists at the moment, so am holding back on the next few releases until I’ve secured them.

I’ve added a new 3″ EP by Operations to the distro section of the store. It’s called “Sundevil” and is abit different from the usual Operations sound, but is definitely worth a listen. Plus it’s highly limited to just 30 copies!

Okay so there are ALOT of releases planned for the next few months; it’s going to be really busy and very exciting. Also new t shirts coming soon too. I’ll be taking a break for while to sort out new stockists and a few other things, but expect a bunch of new releases next month.

Thanks as ever. x


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