Plurals/Tuluum Shimmering split out now!

First release of 2010!

Oh how far we’ve come! Hot on the heels of the massive split from Archers by the Sea and Pine Smoke Lodge comes the 7th installment in the series! Pairing up Plurals with Tuluum Shimmering.

Plurals need no introduction by now. “Ocset Refund” is a track I heard come to life live a few months back in a small pub in High Wycombe. I remember being totally paralyzed by it then just as much as I am now. Plurals have mastered the art of hypnotics with synths and howls and keep bettering themselves with each release. “Ocset Refund” is a piece that definitely brings images of stars, planets, and solar systems to mind; almost like you are falling through space down to earth with it’s desperateness. The piece ends with a huge wave of blissful synths which are very calming in comparison to the rest of the tracks sheer intensity.

Tuluum Shimmering has a string of limited cassette releases to his name, all with fantastic zoned out names and artwork to suit the music perfectly. Tuluum combines elements of new age, ritualistic tribal sounds and psychedelic drone. This may well be the most far out psyche jam ever on Dead Pilot. It’s fantastically uplifting and playfully melodic and rhythmic as it builds from chiming passages to walls of bright glare that end so abruptly that you bought out of your trance with quite a thump.

Packaged in stickered black digipak with eye popping artwork by Ekca Liena with hand numbered insert and hand stamped disc. Limited to 100 copies.

Purchase here, stream it here!

Next up is Wereju – An Anniversary of Sorts!

Whilst I’m here, I’d thought I’d mention a few things. Message to Bears – Departures is down to less than 70 copies now, which is amazing, thanks to everyone who has purchased so far! Jerome has put a new track on his myspace page which you need to hear!

For those itching for news on the Ekca Liena – Slow Music for rapid Eye Movement re-issue; Aidan Baker has done an epic remix of “Fire Emerging from Mist” which will be on the bonus disc and the Post Altitude EP is still available for stream and download on! Also, UTS are re-releasing the Drones Between Homes EP with a remix disc too!

I’ve start work on a mix of stuff coming soon on Dead Pilot which may be ready later today. Ekca Liena is also working on a mix for us too, as is Thee Moths!

Thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxx


One response to “Plurals/Tuluum Shimmering split out now!

  1. I am listening to my copy now and this is really quite brilliant. I have been following Tuluum Shimmering for a bit, so the introduction to not only the Plurals, but your label, is a happy circumstance. Thank you!

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