dead formats

The first ever cassette release on Dead Pilot will hopefully be out next month by Summons of Shining Ruins. It will be limited to 50 hand numbered copies. More info soon.

Here is a draft of the layout.


3 responses to “dead formats

  1. Bad news indeed 😦
    The cassette is a dead format – please don’t start publishing vinyl records too…

  2. I’m really looking forward to this. Cassette is a lovely format and Summons of Shining Ruins is one of my favorite artists! It’ll be great!

  3. Yes of course, there are still so many tape-decks around, cassette is a popular and lovely format, and everyone can listen to it.
    We need more cassettes and vinyl records, and less cds and mp3, so only cool people will be able to listen to them. And this is not, of course, a snob thing 🙂

    I really hope that DPR will not start with cassette/vinyl records only releases…

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