Thee Chainsaw Ruins

Today sees 3 new releases, including our first tape release!

“Summons of Shining Ruins is Shinobu Nemoto, who hails from Japan. Initially starting out as a piano player, at age 13 Shinobu switched to the electric guitar and formed a band where he began crafting his skills.

Summons of Shining Ruins is his solo project, based around the idea of “old memory”. He has had several releases under his own name as well as Summons of Shining Ruins on labels such as Install and Humming Conch. He also runs his own label Moufu-Rokuon Music, which means Blank Recordings.

Bud Variations is 10 tracks of utterly gorgeous dim haze, shrouded in tape hiss and distant memories. Immediately you are hit with sheer melancholy and nostalgia within the first track, as it warbles and sways like a warped record stuck on a locked groove. As slow moving as the earth and just as bleak, each track on here creates it’s own mood and atmosphere, but is connected via the foggy half remembered dream like image it creates.

“I have already gotten along with the old friend while tremble in the morning haze.I hadn’t woken up yet. I kept dreaming a dream of the soft mild bud in the peaceful bedroom. I listened to the sound that a little bubble burst open, and listened to the sound which I could hear from the other side of the surrounding wall and which stayed dully. I couldn’t understand that meaning though seemed somewhat to tell me. That is the same now, too. I didn’t probably want to move from there. Then, the bud of the dream didn’t bloom.” – Shinobu Nemoto.

Pro-dubbed tapes limited to 53 with hand numbered textured paper insert and bizarre old chemist labels.”


“Thee Moths is Alex Botten-Clark; and that’s just the now. Thee Moths formed as a fuzzy guitar pop band in 2000, initially as a quintet with former members of Alex’s old band Magnetic North Pole. That then slimmed to a trio and then down to a duo. The duo version (Alex and Dominique Ferraton) recorded the first two albums plus a slew of EPs and compilation tracks. Though Dominique left the band Alex continued, releasing several more albums before deciding to call it a day in summer 2008. Around the start of 2009 Alex began to feel that he maybe had more to say under Thee Moths’ banner. With this in mind he started up again, this time deliberately moving away from the structured song based roots of the band. Though there may be song centric recordings in the future, these are likely to not be under the name Thee Moths. Concentrating now more on making things limited and special than mass produced and available, Alex has started a series of extremely limited releases, runs of anything between 5 and 20 copies with handmade artwork, released regularly. Live shows now take one of two forms – electronic voice/laptop/synth improv with audience participation under the name ‘Many Hands/Light Work’, and completely improvised ‘singer/songwriter’ shows where the songs are written on the fly during the performance from suggestions by the gig goers. Thee Moths second actions is entirely about improvisation and engaging with the audience.

“Data Magic Analogue Wonder” begins with 2 tracks of bell ringing, dedicated to Will and Dani (RIP) of Celer. We are then taken on a fantastic and diverse journey of experimental pop, ambient and glitch. “In The Dawn They Call The Rising Sun (Version)” melds cut up guitar samples and vocal chants to create a blissful piece of meditative pop music that is as catchy as it is strange. “Thumb Piano (edit)” is an eerie piece of distant melodies and flickering electronics. “Salt Signal” is a psyched out synth mantra that almost sounds like a Boards of Canada interlude or coda. A brilliant record that brings together the wonderful sounds of a fantastic project.

Limited to 50 copies in hand numbered and stickered arigato paks.”


“Brand new EP from our fav noiser Joey Chainsaw. Following on from his immense full length on the Strefan Kushima run Disappearance label, Joey brings us 50 minutes of total skull bashing crust. Intentionally lo-fi, this disc is so off the hook it’s unreal. From blistering walls of fuzzed out glory and trippy spiraling synths to massive slabs of distorted bleakness. If you are a noiser or enjoy music that is refreshing, challenging and rewarding, this is for you.

Limited to 50 copies with artwork by Joey Chainsaw.”


Also added a bunch of stuff to the distro too!

Stray Ghost – Nothing, But Death
Nick Hudson – Territories of Dissent
Luna Miasma – Crystal Covered
Anna Rose Carter – Silver Lines
Gish – Pilfer

Overseas customers should now note that the wonderful Experimedia is now stocking and distributing most Dead Pilot titles in North America. Experimedia is the premier North American online retailer for ambient, experimental etcetc so I urge you to check it out. Jeremy does a brilliant job and is a great guy to boot!

Don’t forget to check out our other new stockists, Databloem (Netherlands), Basses Freqences (France) and Ambiplanet (Russia). Dead Pilot releases will also soon be stocked in the fantastic Small Fish online store too!

I believe that’s everything for now! Thanks as ever! xxx

PS. Parallel Lines will hopefully be out next week, it’s just taking me a while longer to get them made up but I didn’t want to sit on these releases for much longer!


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