Very good friday

Happy Easter everyone. Here’s a treat for you all, a new mix by Ekca Liena.

“Ekca Liena burst onto the scene with his full length debut on Dead Pilot “Slow Music For Rapid Eye Movement” back in 2008. Since then, he’s gone on to have releases on Phantom Channel and Under The Spire, as well as releasing the follow up to “Slow Music…” entitled “Sleep Paralysis” on Dead Pilot. He is also a member of the “super group” Plurals with Duncan Harrison and various other collaborators from the underground ambient/noise scene. Currently he is working on the next album entitled “Graduals” as well as a split with A Death Cinematic and a full length for Plurals; all as well as a remastering and reworking of his debut due out very soon with a bonus disc of remixes.

Here, Ekca Liena presents us with a fascinating mix of haunting ambience, classical inspired drone and ghostly folk. An immersive and highly emotive listen. “

1. Cylon – 4feb1912pt12
2. Dreams of Tall Buildings – Maybe Twins
3. Parhelion – Forgotten Outpost
4. Winter in Montreal – II
5. The Caretaker – Past Friends Reunited
6. Ekca Liena – Into The Wind (Cover by Duncan Harrison)
7. The Caretaker – On The Verge of a Breakdown
8. E.S.T. – Carcrash (excerpt)
9. Nitin Sawhney – Developed / Footsteps
10. Brian Grainger – Smoke
11. David Thomas Broughton – Sliding The Same Way



One response to “Very good friday

  1. Wow, I love that kind of bootleg thing that he did…

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