Expo 70 – Death Voyage available now!

“Death Voyage” was recorded prior to “Sonic Messenger”, which was released late last year. These tracks were recorded months prior to that album as a trade for artwork. Two days of recording, one with Matt Hill (Umberto) and the second a solo venture from Wright. After what seemed a long hiatus from recording to mixing in late 2009, “Death Voyage” will finally see the light of day. – Justin Wright

Justin Wrights Expo 70 project has been causing a stir for some time now; and hot on the heels of releases for BLR, Reverb Worship and ESR, Dead Pilot is very excited to announce the release of “Death Voyage”; an hour long journey through doomy textures and spaced out psychedelia.

Some of Wrights finest work to date, “Death Voyage” encompasses the lost sound of krautrock and merges it with modern doom-drone soundscapes. Album opener “Building Celestial Tapestries” combines a sinister looped bass riff with sci-fi style synth and guitar swells, creating a tense atmosphere of heaviness and gloom. Wrights ability to create seemingly simplistic yet deeply immersive and exciting drone is showcased brilliantly on “Metensomatosis”, reminiscent of Neu! at their best. Album closer “Summoning Recapitulation Upon the Pyramid Temple” is a sprawling wall of sonic bliss of epic proportions.

Mastered by Jannick Schou. Limited to 500 copies on replicated CD (NOT CDR!) in numbered 6 panel digipak with full colour artwork designed by Justin Wright himself. First 100 orders come with bonus cassette of outtakes in hand stamped packaging.

Shipping in approximately 3 weeks time!!


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