Expo 70 – Death Voyage is now officially out. Thanks to all who pre-ordered! There are still a few of the bonus tapes left which will go with the next few orders, some of them will also make there way to various distros and shops too. It’s also been made pick of the week over at the wonderful Experimedia, thanks Jeremy!

Loads of things have sold out from me here recently too, including Thee Moths – Data Magic Analogue Wonder, which you can now buy digitally direct from Thee Moths here. Alex also has a bunch of highly limited pressings of his work available here that I recommend checking out.

Seabuckthorns Distant Summer Storm has also sold out from me here, but luckily, Andy has selft released his latest work entitled “A Mantra Pulled Apart” which I’m stocking in the store! Get it here.

Speaking of the store, there is a load of new titles in stock now including a new Plurals release, a new Cylon release on Heat Death and a new Peter Broderick release on Schedios! All of which are limited stock so act quick!

I recently completed my second mix for Fluid Radio which features music from Timothy C Holehouse, Anna Rose Carter and more. Check it out here! Also, Ian from Heat Death has done a brilliant new mix showcasing underground DIY labels featuring a tracks from Message to Bears and more. Give it a listen.

Hawk Moon records have just released a free downloadable compilation with work from Cylon, Anna Rose Carter and more. Head over to their Band Camp page to check that out.

Lastly (I think… I usually forget something!) I’ve uploaded a whole host of new music onto the Soundcloud account I have. Click on the Sounds tabs on this here blog to check them out, or alternatively plonk your mouse finger on this.



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