“Returning to INSTALL from his winter hibernation, axe in hand, Millipede bestows upon us the crown jewel that is FULL BLOOM. Nowhere on this record will you find any trace of Hyrulian legends or heroes with swords…no, this is Millipede on his own, having traversed Death Mountain and lived to press on. Instead we get a jagged crystal mind-implant that shows us refracted psychedelic visions of summertime, shooting stars and liquified nostalgia, melted down alchemically into a cool breeze (or a sweet-scented sleeping gas, Millipede allows you to take your pick) that might come bottled up in a jar, on the cart of some mystical traveling salesman from a Bradbury story. So here, from Millipede and INSTALL, raise your glass to the notion of a neverending, overstimulating miasma of color and sound, brought to life as violently as the seasons change and filled to the brim with everything you miss from your childhood that you thought was gone.”

New album from Millipede on the ever excellent Install label run by David Tagg and Brian Grainger. Cop it here.


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