Norman records reviews “Death Voyage”!

Bit of a steal for Dead Pilot this… A new, limited press Expo 70 CD to tide us over until ‘Sonic Messenger’ arrives. Expo 70 is the work of Justin Wright and Matt Hill who have steadily evolved into a perfect installer drone rock space machine. Sitting in the pleasantly mong’d out space between psych-rock, ambient drone, Krautrock and DOOM, Expo 70 certainly know how to take their time and savor a few quiet moments of rock utopia. You get five fine examples of the style on ‘Death Voyage’ with the emphasis being on the placid summer drone experience. I’ve heard them go heavier but not so much with this one. Synths and drum machines make subtle appearances and aid the voyage into the deepest regions of your mind space very effectively. Features another classy Justin Wright designed sleeve… That guy got skill yo.


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