Parallel Lines – 38:22 reviewed by The Silent Ballet

“Much like the album art, one could read deeply into 38:22 or see something simplistic, plain, and boring. If this album were listened to as background music for a social gathering of sorts, it would be over before anyone realized that it was being played. Upon closer investigation of the album and artwork, many things correspond to its makers. There are three distinct, parallel lines; there are three men in the band. There are variant shades of the same color green starting from the dark with a deep, forest green fading into a bright yellow green. This is a good representation variant depth of soundscapes in 38:22. In the center, there are three lines of color that are subtly darker than the otherwise even tones. This is a good representation of the album’s nuances. “

Read the entire review by placing your pointer on this word and clicking your left mouse button.


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