Brian Grainger Diamond Tears on Slate Out Now!

Brian Grainger aka Millieu has been making superb ambient/drone/idm for many years, mostly released on his own labels Millieu Music and Second Sun Recordings, but also on Attack Nine and Infraction. You may also remember him from such compilations as Drone Poets.

With “Diamond Tears on Slate”, Brian channels a dark and bleak spirit in to his work. At times sounding like the distant chants of weird rituals from the occult, this mutated album of twisted drone is some of Brian’s finest music to date. Heavily grained textures underlined with deep bass progressions are where we head first with opener “Empyrean Crown” whilst “Roman Emerald Orgies” starts with waves of reverberated guitar licks before descending into a blackened dirge; this album will drain you in the best possibly sense of the word.


Also available at Norman records and soon Experimedia and Databloem.


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