Brian Grainger gets 5 stars at Normans!

Here’s what they said…

Our man Brian makes his album label debut on Dead Pilot following an appearance on the Drone Poets CD a short while back… Oh shit! A few minutes in and black clouds are shifting towards me and sucking me up into a vortex. Man he’s heading straight into the zone here, no messing. I gotta say this may well be the darkest I’ve heard Mr Grainger go, sans maybe some of the VCV stuff perhaps. Oh yeah I’m feeling this one, it even recalls some black metal soundscapes when some of those guys head into a more dark ambient mode. The textures become more metallic and feel a little more tangible then >>> Shit!!! A big blast of bass action lifts ‘Empyrean Crown’ entirely into new levels of goodness. ‘Open Jaws Lined With Jagged Glass Teeth’ slows down the intensity with a more reflective mood and again deep bass underpins sweeping howls and brain massaging tones. ‘Diamond Tears On Slate’ creates cavernous space with elements of isolationist ambient that recalls Thomas Koner’s early works. Just as I’m blissing out, ‘Roman Emerald Orgies’ kicks my ass with some noisy distorted guitar sounds and then steadily plunges into blackened realms. Closer ‘Pagan Horn’ ends the set with murky cinematics. Edition of 100 hand numbered copies with bonus ‘Diamond Tears On Slate (Version) 3″ CD. Recommended!

As ever, many thanks for the continued support from Norman!


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