Jannick Schou Blue Hills Preorder now available!

“Against a Backdrop of Blue Hills…” was self released by Jannick Schou (aka cylon) early March 2010 as a download only collection of “tape-drone-tracks” that he had been building up. Upon my first initial listen I felt it needed to be released physically to the world. So here I present it to you completely re-edited and remastered by Jannick and packaged in a sublime letter pressed arigato pak. First 100 copies include a bonus CDr of remixes of Jannick’s works. (this bonus disc was originally intended as a download, but it seemed to make more sense for it to be a bonus disc)

“Blue Hills” is a fantastic collection of drone works made via tape loops between 2008 and 2010. The textures created here are gloriously transcendental; with a huge depth of detail and melody. Perfect winter headphone music, these tracks create rooms filled with delicate imagery and emotions. Once again, Jannicks work has left me a little lost for words, but this I think just goes to show how affecting Jannicks work is.

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