Ekca Liena – Winter

“I wanted to create a more tangible human element in this selection, hence a fairly heavy use of vocal tracks over instrumentals – not to suggest these are void of real feeling and are instead merely textural, it just seemed like a fine idea to include more ‘songs’, more organic and less processed sounds and some sonically complimentary passages to link them.

There is definitely something wintry about many of these tracks and therefore the image used – to me at least. There also is a feeling of nostalgia to some and indeed they have come to me at numerous points over the last decade, so it’s nice to put them together. This is especially enjoyable when such different music worlds are touched upon, like the DIY ambient underground circles of Spheruleus, classic follk from Van Morrison and avant-rock melacholy of Oxbow and Martin Grech – decorated with elements of jazz, classical instrumentation and an overall emotionally rousing atmosphere.” – Ekca Liena

Track List:

1. Jackson C. Frank – I Want To Be Alone
2. Philippe Petit and Friends – Don’t Follow Your Own Shadow
3. Alpha – Wise
4. Him – Perspective From A Slow Spin
5. Oxbow – She’s A Find
6. Martin Grech – Venus
7. Maudlin Of The Well – Clover Garland Island (excerpt)
8. Scarnella – Snowy (About A Cat)
9. Spheruleus – Rots To Nothing
10. Van Morrison – Come Here My Love
11. Talk Talk – New Grass
12. Tyynyliina – Mais Le Papillon Est Vrai
13. Martin Grech – Elixir
14. Gravenhurst – East Of The City
15. Unknown – Interlude

Listen here.


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