First release of 2011!

Guillaume Gargaud – Lost Chords

“Lost Chords” is the fourth full length album from Guillaume Gargaud and it represents his work at it’s most accomplished. Gargaud’s style of improvisational guitar and electronics is intriguing and absorbing; jumping back and fourth between harsh glitches and soothing soundscapes and visiting everything inbetween. On this album, Gargaud conjures up sounds like you’ve never heard before; combing a rich and full melodic Americana style of guitar playing with huge walls of fierce electronic noise and delicate droning, creating mammoth and highly varied textures. The music on this album will lift you to enormous euphoric highs via twisted glacial landscapes and then leave you breathless in a black hole of psychedelia. I am extremely excited for this to be the first release for Dead Pilot in 2011.

Listen and purchase here!


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