Future Sequence review Ekca Liena – Slow Music

“With its intriguing title, we can assume that this album was possibly created to accompany or inspired by dreams. For it is within REM sleep that we process our subconcious thoughts and recall dreams most vividly. Processing the days happenings, our anxieties, glimpses of thoughts re-establishing themselves, and memories from the past intermingled with those of the present. Its no secret that ambient music has often been created to aid, or accompany sleep, or to depict scenes and memories perhaps revisited within them, but whilst this is ambient at its core, ‘Slow Music..’ embraces other musical genres into its fold to defy categorisation. Moving between ambient, electronic, noise, drone and field recordings, Mackenzie communicates emotion through a variety of means, each excecuted with a finesse that marks his talent. “

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