Ekca Liena – Slow Music For Rapid Eye Movement

Moving between ambient, electronic, noise, drone and field recordings, Mackenzie communicates emotion through a variety of means, each excecuted with a finesse that marks his talent. Future Sequence
It’s simply gorgeous with more warmth, depth and soul in a record than I’ve heard for a long long time.Norman Records
you get a real sense of musicality, melody and masterful planning with each track merging effortlessly into the next.Savaran Music and Sound
music that may alter your perception of the word epic.Sic Magazine

Finally shipping Monday 20th June is the long awaited re-issue of the now classic debut album from Ekca Liena. All pre orders will ship immediately, with an official release date of Monday 27th June. Expect to find the album hitting our stockists after that. Once again I’d like to thank each and every one of you who pre ordered for your patience.

Haven’t ordered it yet? Click here!

Thanks to every one who has preordered One Man Team Dance – Set Menu. That will be going to press very soon. Also expect to see a pre order for the Mountainhood double album soon too, plus a new batch of paper plane tees!

For those who don’t follow the Twitter or Facebook pages or the mailouts, you may be interested to know that I’m potentially setting up a subscriber option for the label. Interested? Please email me to let me know!


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