Dead Pilot Records, 2007 – 2012

I’m sure many of you will are already aware of this is some way or another, but it is with much regret that I have to formally (and finally) announce that Dead Pilot Records is officially and definitely calling it a day. There’s no hard feelings or bitterness (well, maybe some…) but unfortunately the label just isn’t working any more. Last years sales were terrible and I simply can’t afford to throw money at the label any more. In the beginning Dead Pilot sustained itself and that was great, but as it began to grow it became more & more difficult to keep it going. I tried for as long as I could, but eventually I had to give up. I don’t have the time nor money to push the label to its full potential.

There is a HUGE sale on in the store right now, loads of items are £1 so please help my clear up stock and take advantage of the sale. Not only do I need to clear boxes of unsold cds/vinyl from my place of work, I also need to try and pay back the debts that trying to keep the label afloat have amassed. So please head on over to the store and grab some bargains. Tell your friends too! It’s located here btw:

At the end of the summer, maybe some time around September, I will be taking the store down and selling the left over items just on this blog. Hopefully I won’t have much left. If you are a store and want to buy whole sale I am offering even more crazy discounts, however due to the financial situation I require payment upfront, and I know this is an issue for some. However if you are still interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email;

I’ll still be contactable on that email address for the time being, however if you need a more long term contact, just ask! I’ll still be on Twitter at the usual place (@deadpilotrecs) though soon the handle will change, obviously!

There is a HUGE amount of people I need to thank, but my memory is terrible. So MASSIVE BIG UPS to every one who helped me with the label, every one who bought or supported the label in some/anyway. Thanks to all the artists and bands involved, and of course big thanks to Norman Records for being fucking amazing and supportive and helpful from the very beginning.

Please please please continue to support small, independent and DIY labels. If you enjoy music, BUY IT please! The simple facts are that labels like mine can’t exist without breaking even, so please bare this in mind. We do this through passion and love, but it can’t happen with out money. It’s a sad fact, but that’s life.

Thank you xxxxxxxx


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