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Departures LP out now!

“gorgeous acoustic guitar music punctuated by some neo classical beauty.” Norman Records
“a magnificent piece of modern-day musical impressionism. This is music of depth, vision and humanity” Music in Oxford
“a timeless piece of music that stands anxiously, yet defiantly, at the crossroads that modern folk currently finds itself.” Suit 101
“Graceful raga-style guitar builds on layers of sweeping cello and viola. A melancholic romp through Alexander’s native Oxford. “ Foxy Digitalis

Message to Bears – Departures finally sees it’s official release on vinyl today! All pre orders have already shipped and should be arriving with you soon if they haven’t already and copies are on their way to many of our stockists. The album is available directly from us in our store and it now also includes a free digital download of the album! For those who pre-ordered, if you visit the store you will be able to download the album as well, get in touch if you have any issues!

The album is limited to 250 copies on 180gram virgin vinyl pressed at Record Industry in a wonderful hand numbered thick tip on sleeve printed by Stoughton.

Don’t forget to pre order the new album from a brand new band to the label One Man Team Dance. Described as “Rollotomassi but not” and “Hella with synths”, the band create a wonderful chaotic explosion of post noise pop math rock that is sure to be the most fun and exciting thing you’ve heard in some time. Available on 180gram vinyl with a free CD copy, it also comes accompanied with a free digital download! Those who already have pre order can head to the store page to claim their download.

Also still available for pre order is the re-issue of the highly acclaimed debut album from Ekca Liena; “Slow Music for Rapid Eye Movement”. The album is totally remastered and features updated artwork PLUS a whole second disc of remixes and reinterpretations from Clem Leek, Aidan Baker and more. The first 50 copies come with a bonus 3″ CDr (now sold out). The album will see it’s release in a matter of weeks!

Lastly, the Dead Pilot store will no longer be holding a distro section, so their are many reduced titles to be found from the likes of Eyeballs and Nicholas Szcepanik.


Future Sequence review Ekca Liena – Slow Music

“With its intriguing title, we can assume that this album was possibly created to accompany or inspired by dreams. For it is within REM sleep that we process our subconcious thoughts and recall dreams most vividly. Processing the days happenings, our anxieties, glimpses of thoughts re-establishing themselves, and memories from the past intermingled with those of the present. Its no secret that ambient music has often been created to aid, or accompany sleep, or to depict scenes and memories perhaps revisited within them, but whilst this is ambient at its core, ‘Slow Music..’ embraces other musical genres into its fold to defy categorisation. Moving between ambient, electronic, noise, drone and field recordings, Mackenzie communicates emotion through a variety of means, each excecuted with a finesse that marks his talent. “

Read the full review here.

Departures, Slow Music and One Man Team Dance Pre orders.

Exciting times here at Dead Pilot HQ, it is with much pleasure and honour I can announce that 3 releases are now available for pre-order!

First up is the vinyl re-issue of Message to Bears – Departures. It has been pressed on 180gram virgin black vinyl and is housed in full colour, numbered Stoughton sleeves. Pre-order here!

Secondly, another re-issue, this time it’s Slow Music for Rapid Eye Movement the debut album from Ekca Liena. Released on CD for the first time and remastered and expanded with a bonus disc of remixes. First 50 copies come with a bonus 3″ CDr too! Head over here!

Lastly is the debut album from casio and drums duo One Man Team Dance, released on vinyl and CD (packaged together). It’s the most fun you’ve had. Find out more and check out the fantastic cover art here!

Against A Backdrop of Blue Hills now shipping!

Jannick Schou – Against A Backdrop of Blue Hills is now shipping. Thanks for your patience. Stream 2 of the remixes below (available with the first 100 copies on a limited bonus cdr)

Purchase it in the Dead Pilot store. Copies soon available from Norman Records and Experimedia.

First release of 2011!

Guillaume Gargaud – Lost Chords

“Lost Chords” is the fourth full length album from Guillaume Gargaud and it represents his work at it’s most accomplished. Gargaud’s style of improvisational guitar and electronics is intriguing and absorbing; jumping back and fourth between harsh glitches and soothing soundscapes and visiting everything inbetween. On this album, Gargaud conjures up sounds like you’ve never heard before; combing a rich and full melodic Americana style of guitar playing with huge walls of fierce electronic noise and delicate droning, creating mammoth and highly varied textures. The music on this album will lift you to enormous euphoric highs via twisted glacial landscapes and then leave you breathless in a black hole of psychedelia. I am extremely excited for this to be the first release for Dead Pilot in 2011.

Listen and purchase here!

Gish – Billion OUT NOW!

Fantastic album from veteran of the UK underground scene, having released music on Dirty Demos and Krayon Recordings and toured with the band Sunshine Republic, Gish brings us 5 tracks of glorious experimentalism and sound art. Beginning with a frantic and uneasy burst of percussion, the album takes us through various soundscapes and textural sustains that range from minimal glassy tones accompanied by shifting static to huge waves of fractured psychedelic distortion. Every idea is perfectly executed and explored limitlessly without ever become tiresome or self indulgent. This is a gripping listen from start to finish that will please fans of noise, ambient and experimentalism.

CDr edition of 100 in screen printed, hand numbered gatefold card sleeve tied with string. First 50 copies contain a page torn from a strange notepad.

Jannick Schou Blue Hills Preorder now available!

“Against a Backdrop of Blue Hills…” was self released by Jannick Schou (aka cylon) early March 2010 as a download only collection of “tape-drone-tracks” that he had been building up. Upon my first initial listen I felt it needed to be released physically to the world. So here I present it to you completely re-edited and remastered by Jannick and packaged in a sublime letter pressed arigato pak. First 100 copies include a bonus CDr of remixes of Jannick’s works. (this bonus disc was originally intended as a download, but it seemed to make more sense for it to be a bonus disc)

“Blue Hills” is a fantastic collection of drone works made via tape loops between 2008 and 2010. The textures created here are gloriously transcendental; with a huge depth of detail and melody. Perfect winter headphone music, these tracks create rooms filled with delicate imagery and emotions. Once again, Jannicks work has left me a little lost for words, but this I think just goes to show how affecting Jannicks work is.

Preorder now